•  All inclusive Package

•  Continental breakfast

•  Lunch Hot Buffet

•  Quality & Seasonal products  provide by a top caterer

•  Open Bar - Champagne included

•  Ability to customize at your company name

MENU 2018

Detailed menus available on request. Menu change every day.



Salmon tartare infused with ginger, fresh tomato

Sesami foie gras on a stick, glazed apricot

Tomato canapé, quail egg and olive paste

Tuna crunchy wrap



Sushis, California, Makis, marinated ginger, Soy sauce & wasabi



Creamy burratina Mozzarella, vegetables cooked in olive oil with basil

and black olives, parmigiano cheese chips and Serrano ham

Champagne flavored duck «foie gras» in a verrine, porto jelly and gingerbread

Smocked salmon, orange segment, lentil salad with shiso



Seabass filet, sun dried tomatoes and black olives

Long cooked beef filet, «cep» mushroom

Vegetables «Provencale» cooked in olive oil

Roasted baby potatoes with wild mushroom and sea salt



Choice of French cheese : St Félicien, St Marcelin Garrigous AOC

Roquefort, Reblochon au Cumin Brie de Meaux Comté, Rocamadour 



Raspberry mascarpone tart

Opera, Peach Bubble, Le Dalloyau, Jewel of chocolates

Selection of macaroons, Fruits basket

Your guests will profit on Saturday and Sunday from the Grand Prix, of a top-of-the-range service carried out by the top quality caterer with butler and waiters.

They will be welcomed on their arrival with a continental breakfast (coffee, tea, fruit juice, sweet breads…). From 12pm, after having drinks with champagne and appetizers around a large plasma screen, they will appreciate VIP hot buffet (Detailed menus available on request from April, 1st).

Throughout the day, along with appetizers and sweets, there will be a full open bar: selection of best wines (white, red and pinkish ”Chateau Sainte Roseline”), soft drinks (Coca Cola, orange, fruit juice…). On special request, we can also provide an alcohol selection such as (Pastis, Whisky, Martini, Beers…) and fine champagne (Ruinard, Dom Perignon...).


A coordinating hostess (in which ever language on request, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, or Russian), and the caterers’ staff will be on the sight throughout the week-end to please and
answer all the expectations of your guests.

The table panel and guest badges will be personnalized with the name and the logo of your
company (included in our service). On inquiry, we can also make personalized lanyards and gift for your guests.